If you want to play roulette, you are in the right place. Learn to play roulette with style, one of the games most demanded by players. Some points are obvious, but not for that reason, we are going to stop naming them.

Roulette Secrets

  • To win at roulette it is necessary to bet and guess where the ball will stop. It is the most basic, logical and complex concept at the same time.
  • The bank always starts with an advantage. In European roulette the advantage is 2.7% and in American roulette it rises to 5.26%
  • Roulette can be played in person or online. At the face-to-face level, the dealer is in charge of moderating the game. If played online, it will be a live dealer.
  • The player decides where to place his bet using chips. Roulette chips can be placed on any of the numbers, insert lines, squares on the game table.
  • Each chip has a certain value. A different color is used for each value.
  • You can also bet based on the color segment, either black or red; odd or even, and low or high numbers.
  • The player only plays against the bank , not against the other players at the table.
  • As soon as the dealer says “no more bets allowed”, no bets can be modified, changed or removed from the table.
  • The roulette wheel and the ball rotate in opposite directions.
  • The ball comes to rest on a number and the dealer places an indicator on the winning number.
  • The dealer is in charge of collecting the chips that have lost the bet and paying the players with winning bets. In the event that it is played online, it is done automatically.

Bet Types

There are two types of bets in roulette:

  1. Inside Bet: the chip is placed on a numbered area of ​​the segmented matrix. Any bet on lines or intersections is included.
  2. External Bet: the bet is placed sobe boxes numbered outside the matrix. The red / black and odd / even boxes are also valid.

6 Curiosities About Roulette

    • The name of roulette comes from the French word “roulette” which means small wheel and is related to the medieval wheel of fortune. Originally the goddess of fortune was engraved on the casino chips.
    • In the book La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jaques Lablee (1796) a roulette wheel is described for the first time spinning at the Palais Royal in Paris.
    • Formerly the ball used in roulette was made of ivory. The use of such material is currently prohibited, and plastic, Teflon or delrin are used.
    • You may have heard that roulette is also known as “The Devil’s Game.” You know why? Because if you add all the numbers the result is none other than 666.
    • The first roulette consisted of two 0’s, as is currently played in American roulette. However, to attract more players, it was decided to make a variation and remove a 0 (European roulette). In this way, the player has a better chance of winning.
  • In the American version the profit marker is known as “Dolly”.
Learn To Play Roulette In Style

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