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Maxwell Oct Lev 3 Meet
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MKJL Results Round 1
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Summer Shutdown
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2014 fees updates

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New Training Timetable
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2014 Maxwell Meets
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New competition schedule
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Link added onto homepage for Wavepower 2012-15. This can be found at the link & consists of 6 sections.

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Maxwell Swim Club
Oxfordshire & North Bucks Premiere Swim Team - Top Club in the County 7 years running
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Maxwell October Level 3 Meet

Dates 4th and 5th Oct 2014
Location Aquavale, Aylesbury

Please can Maxwell members adhere to the deadline on the members entry form and NOT the promoter's deadline!

Please find attached meet pack and hytek files for the October Meet.

Entry via Hy-tek - file available from:

Closing Date for Entries: 12th September 2014
- No late entries will be accepted after this date,
without exception.
Entries will be accepted on a
'first come, first served' basis.
Please note: Entries will not be considered until full payment has been received.

Entries -
All entries should be sent to the Promoter: Duncan More, 75 Cotswolds Way,
Calvert Green, Buckinghamshire, MK18 2FJ
or emailed to:

Accepted entries
will be posted on the Maxwell website.

It is the responsibility of the club representative to check the entries for any errors in names, ages, times etc and to notify the Promoter of any such errors. Failure to do so may result in swimmers being
excluded from events.

Summer Shutdown

Please note that the
Last swimming session in August is the Sunday the 10th (after Nationals)  returning on Monday the 1st September.

New Training Timetable 2014
Please see attached file for latest training timetable

Maxwell Club Records
(Updated 10/7/14)

The attached records have been updated to take account of all meets over the last three months. Those broken and new to this edition are highlighted in red.  Other records broken this season in blue, so you will see that for any event, multiple entries could appear if the record has been broken more than once this season. 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these it cannot be guaranteed and I would be pleased to address any queries that may arise in this regard.   The records are up to date as far as I am aware, but if you know different I can update them following the receipt of a "claim" on a record, which should be sent to me, specifying the details of the event concerned, the date it was achieved and the new record time. I shall verify any claims received and update the Club Records accordingly.
To be sure of inclusion all records need to be "claimed". 

The records are for individual age groups from 8 year olds up to an Open category, for both short course and long course times. They have been compiled primarily with reference to the ASA rankings which date from 1997, but also include some older times for the Open age category where these had already been recorded by the Club.

Ray Martin -

ASA Stroke Standards and skills development links
Please see following link to ASA site (as recommended by Marc) detailing stroke standards.
Or alternatively here

Backstroke Start here
Backstroke Breakout here
Freestyle Start here
Freestyle Start2 here
Freestyle breakout here

Guidance for Supervision and Evacuation Policy
Please see the club's new Guidance for Supervision and Evacuation Policy - we are working towards achieving this as best practice and suggest parents make themselves aware of it and help us to reinforce this with the swimmers for their own safety. Link here

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Maxwell Competition Schedule

Click here for the latest comp schedule.
(Version 20-2-14)